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Manakeep 728x90
(Apr 12, 2013)
anyone alive?
(Oct 30, 2012)
Playing Hellgate Global (free) Oh & Eppisode 7 in 2015!
(Oct 18, 2012)
Sup man, just stoped by to say that I am now playing "War Z" a zombie mmo!!!!!! a lot like the day z mod
(Oct 16, 2012)
IF anyone still looks at the site, And wants to play wow. Let me know. We got a good size guild going on Thrall Server
(Jun 29, 2012)
Also joined MPI same guild from SWTOR.
(Jun 29, 2012)
heyy daxter, you on the SWG Emu?? Im there as name Caffiene / Delaya
(Jun 13, 2012)
New Alpha server is up on swgemu.. I'm on Jaster n Caffiene so far. Will add more names as i go
(May 11, 2012)
Tera looks intresting as a upgraded wow. I will look into some videos of game play
(May 10, 2012)
i know DORK and Opti are playing TERA
(May 09, 2012)
Well I tried the beta out for around 15 min.. the uninstalled. Its more like seccond life or something, and was soooooooo bad. I will not wast my time on that, even if it was free.
(May 07, 2012)
Atleast your trying it for free then
(May 07, 2012)
Was back online later Sat, guess I will live lol. Got into the closed beta of secret world, will see what it is like without spending any cash (admittedly it does not look that good)
(May 05, 2012)
Hey bro, Damn that fucking sucks.
(May 05, 2012)
Hay stranger. Doing ok, till my internet went down 2 days ago. Somone comming out today, so hope it gets fixed.
(May 04, 2012)
hows everyone?!
(Apr 24, 2012)
Aren't subbed* damn keyboard..
(Apr 24, 2012)
Gotta love how pathetic they are..
(Apr 24, 2012)
hahah BioFail says they havn't lost one subscriber yet since launch...umm thats total BULLSHIT! Me n opti alone are subbed lol
(Apr 05, 2012)
See ya'll in 4 days, Goodluck raiding n pvping guys!
(Apr 03, 2012)
ty ty