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It's a 3 phase fight, Phase 1 pull him and he goes to 75%.
Phase 2 he starts at 75% and goes to 30%
Phase 3 its 30% to Dead

Phase 1: at the start is blueish aoe that spawns on the pillars. Move away, simple.
When he nears 75% run to the most outer circle, group up and move down the broken spiral. Killing 5 of those pillars on the way, as they stack and buff up his abilities. Don't rush! Go as one, and heal group as you get fall damage. They may not spawn right away too.

Phase 2: Few new abilties, mind trap and lightning balls. They spawn and follow raid members, and 3rd is picks up a random member, throws them around the room for massive damage. So heals!! Mind trap spawns near the boss, and traps a single player. At that time dps that down asap. Balls will spawn from the most outer ring every 10-15 seconds. The throw ability does 8-10k damage. So healers have to be on top of it right away.

Phasse 3: Rinse repeat on platform jumping. Same as phase 2, but now 2 lightning balls. Invulnerable at start, soo less MT get some threat for 3-4seconds. He has a shield above us, that needs to be taken down, and how we do that is when the yellowish-brown shield comes down. Boss needs to be underneth it. Tank needs to make sure the boss is positioned underneth the shield and NO ONE ELSE is. As it will basically 1 shot everyone. Enrage timer at 6 minutes 30seconds. So if heals can dps!

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