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Annihilation Droid XRR-3 - First Boss
Health on Normal - 982,170
Op Setup: 1 MT 1 OT 2 Heals 4 DPS, Possibly w/o OT. So he can switch to dps.

Description: Launched a bunch of different type of missiles, so you want to dodge n LoS them. Or have healers heal through if strong enough.

We land on a beach and have to re group up. Then we face 2 turrets. CC one of them and focus on the other. Have melee focus on power cells on the ground, one at a time.
And Range focus on the turret. As melee can bug turrets if they jump to top of it and be ported out!

Once both dead, move back and regan hp and all the good stuff. As the boss lands close by.

1st ability: every 90 seconds is Salvo, aoe damage, Doesn't do alot so tanks can stay in everyone else back to the pillars.
2nd Ability: Rocket Burst, targets one person and hits them for a massive amount of damage. At that time make sure no on one is around you or it can fuck up the others near by!
3rd ability: is Swipe. Basically everyone stand behind boss. If your found in front of it...We'll take you on less raids. lol.
4th ability: is storm protocol, he does a volley of red targets on the ground, Just dance around and don't get caught in it!. Also lasts 10seconds.
5th ability: Shockwave does aoe damage to all melee, heals can heal thru it, if they are up for it. But if they can't melee move out.

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