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( ^ Heals ) - PVE/PVP
This is a basic PvE healer build. It's got all the necessary talent points for maximum PvE healing. I thought Powered Dampers were a bit more useful than the other talents, though Power Shield would not be too bad; there might occasionally be fights where enemies interrupt your healing. If so, then putting a point into Power Shield would be a good idea.

Still, there aren't too many free points left floating around for you to play with, so if you want to play around, be careful what you take points out of.

Bodyguard PvP build:
This one is tricky and has a bit of wiggle room. Emergency Scan is a nice heal, but it has a 21 second cooldown. That's an eternity in PvP and I can understand why some people might not want to take it. Certainly it makes the option if a hybrid build, where you pick up Tracer Missile for some extra DPS, plus for the debuff, appealing. But, the heat you build up from attacking means it'll be that much harder to heal. I would recommend just going with a full healer spec, like the PvE build, but making sure to get that point in Power Shield.
( ^ Arsenal ) - PVE Build
For this build, you'll basically just use Tracer Missile to spam the hell out of your target. Make sure to get 5 heat signatures up, then use Tracer Missile often enough to keep the stack rolling. You'll want to use Rail Shot and Heat Seeker Missiles after getting 5 stacks of Tracer Lock and whenever they come up for cooldown. Throw in your other abilities when you can, being careful not to overheat. It's pretty straightforward.
( ^ Arsenal ) - PVP Build
Again, fairly similar to the PvE build. The basic idea is the same, but it's a little easier to escape, thanks to Jet Escape. Further, Pinning Fire is handy in PvP. The last point went into Gyroscopic Alignment Jets - it's still only a 50% chance, but still; you're going to get CC'd quite a bit in PvP and it will be nice to get rid of some heat when you do. There are quite a few points you can move around with this PvP spec, so if you want to boost something somewhere, don't worry about taking something out to put it somewhere else.
( ^ Pyrotech ) - PVE Build
Basic Pyrotech build. It operates a lot like the Powertech version. You'll be using Powershot and Unload to look for free Rail Shot procs. There really aren't too many places for you to move points around with this particular build. Most everything is already in a good spot. Maybe you could fit a pair of points into Degauss, but that's more of a PvP ability. You generally shouldn't be having too many mobility issues in end game PvE.
( ^ Pyrotech ) - PVP Build
Basically the same thing as the PvE build, just with two points moved into Sweltering Heat - that's going to be very handy in PvP. Every time you use Rapid Shots you'll have around a 40% to trigger a two second snare. The usefulness for that in PvP can't be overstated. Rapid Shots is an ability you'll be using fairly frequently in order to avoid over-heating. It was tough to choose what to move - I decided to take the points out of Rapid Venting, but if you like that ability it won't be too bad if you move the points out of something else.

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Im using this healing spec
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